Italson Acoustic Insulation

leader in the acoustic insulation market for worldwide contractors.
Over 300 references from worldwide leading company.
Over 6800 installations in 40 countries with outstanding performance.
1979-2019 over 40 years of excellence in industry applications.


Once acquired by a technical board with the photometric measurements and the customer's needs, our designers carry out the construction of a three-dimensional CAD model that reproduces virtually soundproof system to be implemented.

This way we work so careful in the pre-production allows us to obtain a product after full compliance with customer requirements.

The use of 3D design programs can in fact control dimensional pre-production and release of all installation specifications to simplify field operations.

After the pad size you opt for the best acoustic solution keeping in mind the needs of the end user and cost-effectiveness of the work.

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Address:   Via Marco Biagi 1
Casorate Primo, 27022 PV, ITALY

Company review

we have worked with Italson srl for two important oil & gas contracts , the material provided has exceeded the expectations of the end customer CEO dak petrochemical

 we wish to thank the staff of Italson for the production of 2 noise enclosures for turbines on our offshore facility in Iceland CEO esquite electric plant