Italson Acoustic Insulation

leader in the acoustic insulation market for worldwide contractors.
Over 300 references from worldwide leading company.
Over 6800 installations in 40 countries with outstanding performance.
1979-2019 over 40 years of excellence in industry applications.

Tech Plant

Italson srl designs and installs technology equipment for its noise enclosures composed of:
steam-air air-air heating coil based on CE technology and explosion proof ATEX GOST
recirculation and forced cooling technology ventilation systems in both the CE and GOST ATEX flameproof
installation of a sprinkler fire extinguishing system CO2, INERIT, foam, water under NFPA standards 12-14-70-72
Complete Detection systems for, gas, flame, temperature in both CE and GOST ATEX explosion proof technology


ITALSON company is certified UNI 1090

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Contact Us

Phone:  +39 (02) 90-56-233
Address:   Via Marco Biagi 1
Casorate Primo, 27022 PV, ITALY

Company review

we have worked with Italson srl for two important oil & gas contracts , the material provided has exceeded the expectations of the end customer CEO dak petrochemical

 we wish to thank the staff of Italson for the production of 2 noise enclosures for turbines on our offshore facility in Iceland CEO esquite electric plant